Amazon Prime Video: the best holiday movies

Amazon Prime Video: the best holiday movies
On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Amazon Prime Video offers a selection of themed titles, to be seen these days with the whole family. It starts with Alessandro Genovesi's 10 Days with Santa Claus, exclusively on Prime Video from 4 December, or, for those who prefer a romantic Christmas, you can turn to the classics like Love Actually and Love doesn't go on vacation; for the little ones, a rich selection of animated films, from The Blue Arrow to the most recent animated version of The Grinch. Below, we see some in detail, to help you choose what to watch at the holidays.

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I best holiday movies

10 days with Santa The Grinch Love Actually The gang of Santas The Blue Arrow Dickens - The man who invented Christmas Christmas holidays

10 days with Santa Claus

With the same protagonists of 10 days without a mother, played by Fabio De Luigi and Valentina Lodovini, in this sequel directed by Paolo Genovese we will see the family struggling with Santa Claus, played by Diego Abatantuono, on a journey to Lapland to spend the Christmas.

The Grinch

Ron Howard directs one of the most classic Christmas fairy tales, in this version played by Jim Carrey, intent on putting himself in the shoes of the wicked and grumpy green creature with the sole purpose of stopping Christmas, a holiday that he hates deeply body. The 2001 film, based on Dr. Seuss’s classic children's literature, won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.

Love Actually

From the creators of The Diary of Bridget Jones and Notting Hill, the film tells the stories of nine characters who intertwine, in a London in the weeks leading up to Christmas, to tell the complexity of human relationships. Starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, Love Actually will take you to the discovery of love in what has become a holiday classic.

The gang of Santas

The comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo is almost always a guarantee. In this Christmas film, the three will find themselves, on the evening of Christmas Eve, at the police station, where they will have to exonerate themselves by telling their story, since they have been accused of theft. The 2010 film directed by Paolo Genovese was a box office success at Christmas of the same year.

The Blue Arrow

In the town of Orbetello children flock to in front of the Befana shop which receives letters throughout the year and, on the night between 5 and 6 January, brings gifts to all those who have behaved well. This time, however, many children risk not receiving anything because of his wicked assistant Scarafoni. From the novel of the same name by Gianni Rodari, the first film by the Lanterna Magica studio, directed by Enzo D'Alò.

Dickens - The man who invented Christmas

Dickens' Christmas Carol tale is one of the most exciting ever, as well as a Christmas classic. In this film, the story is told of how Charles Dickens (played by Dan Stevens) found the inspiration for this fairy tale, created by mixing episodes from his real life and fantastic elements to give life to unforgettable characters, now an integral part of the Christmas imagery. collective.

Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays is the first real “cinepanettone”. Released in cinemas in 1983, the film tells the stories of a group of Italians on holiday in Cortina, told with the usual irony and goliardia typical of Carlo Vanzina.

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