Indiana Jones: the teaser has revealed the setting, will it be Italy?

Indiana Jones: the teaser has revealed the setting, will it be Italy?
Yesterday ended with a real Bethesda bomb, with the American company that wanted to reveal a new project currently under development at the MachineGames team, already authors of the most recent Wolfenstein. We are talking about the new Indiana Jones game, which immediately raised the antennas of all fans of the film saga born in 1981.

Even if at the moment there are no more details, the attention and curiosity of the fans for this new project dedicated to Indiana Jones they are already at a very high level. All you can speculate on is the short teaser with which the title was announced. Despite the few seconds of video, the fans have been able to come up with more than a few possible previews, and among these the possible setting of the game seems to be hidden.

1936/37 is when Mussolini got pretty close to Hitler, giving us a Nazi connection. 1937 is also when Mussolini was presented with the Sword of Islam, the most Goddamn Indiana Jones sword I've ever seen. And a Top Secret binder suggests Indy's doing US government work again.

- Leon Hurley (@LeonHurley) January 12, 2021

Among the little information released, we know that the game will not bind to no cinematic film, and will propose a new and original story. Where will it all be set though? The fans thought about answering this question, who could not help but notice a plane ticket to Rome in the short presentation teaser. Hence the hypotheses on an Italian setting for the new Indiana Jones game.

But as we know very well, the good Indy has traveled all over the world of his adventures, and it is therefore desirable that the title proposes a variety of different environments and nations to explore among ancient ruins and objects cursed by track down. What do you think of the theories made by fans? Would you like to play an Indiana Jones game set in our beautiful country? Tell us with a comment in the dedicated section.

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