Rocket League: On PS5 the game will not support 120 FPS

Rocket League: On PS5 the game will not support 120 FPS
The current generation of consoles is slowly preparing to go down, leaving a flood of memories whole. It is certainly no mystery that in the last 7 years we have witnessed a flood of blockbusters as well as the "prevalence" of many indie or AA projects is no surprise. In fact, in this specific era we have seen the minor productions dominate the market in a not indifferent way, sometimes positioning themselves at the top of the videogame pyramid. Perhaps precisely for this reason games like Rocket League have acquired such a marked reputation over time, creating a considerable fanbase of players around them.

Thanks to this imposing notoriety of the game, Psyonix seems to have decided to continue to support its work also during the next generation of consoles. As you well know both new machines from Microsoft and Sony are capable of playing the games of the past generation. The well-known power of the 3 next gen consoles would also allow various developers to enhance their games even more, leading them to take advantage of new technologies.

In fact, even Rocket League will make good use of resolutions up to 4K and 120 FPS. However, unlike Xbox users, PS5 players will not be able to take advantage of the increased framerate. Psyonix, through an official statement made it clear that the problems related to this "incompatibility" are due to the fact that the backward compatible (PS4 Pro) version of the game cannot be optimized properly. If on the Xbox side the team had to work out with a simple corrective patch to "unlock" the next gen features, on PS5 the matter was not so simple. In fact, according to Psyonix, to be able to make the most of the technologies proposed by the Sony console it would be necessary to have a dedicated port of the game (which due to lack of time is currently impossible).

Surely this particular detail will make many fans of the game in possession of the new PS5 turn up their noses. However, Rocket League does not seem to be the only game to give the various developers headaches as even games like Maneater and Star Wars: Squadrons seem to run into these "incompatibility" problems. Obviously over time, things could change but for the moment we should be satisfied with what the console (and the various developers) will be able to offer us. We remind you that Rocket League is officially available for free for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch while on Xbox Series X / S and PS5 it is totally backwards compatible.

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