How to install and set up Spotify on PlayStation 5

How to install and set up Spotify on PlayStation 5
Is it possible to download Spotify on PlayStation 5? The answer to this question is yes, the famous music streaming service is also available on PS5, here's how to download and configure it correctly on the new Sony console.

The process to install Spotify on PS5 and configure the app it is really very simple and is explained below step by step.

PS5: Download Spotify

Select the All Apps item from the multimedia contents Home, then highlight Spotify and click on Download. Select Sign Up or Login and enter your Spotify login details, then select Link Accounts to complete the process.

PS5: Listen to Spotify

Press the PS button to access the Control Center and select the Music item. Select a song to play on PlayStation 5, playback starts automatically. The playing track is displayed as a tab in the Control Center, pressing the PS button will return you to the game.

Spotify is also available on PlayStation 4, the app is also compatible with PlayStation 3 although in this case the support for all functionality is no longer guaranteed for some years now. Before installing and playing Spotify music on PlayStation 5 make sure you have installed the latest version of the console's operating system.