Mario Kart Double Dash: is it possible to play it on Xbox Series S?

Mario Kart Double Dash: is it possible to play it on Xbox Series S?
Xbox Series S, the small next-gen console from Microsoft is an excellent compromise to access the ninth generation of videogames, thanks to its attractive price and the possibility of using it with the Game Pass service. What if we told you that with Xbox Series S you can also play Mario Kart Double Dash?

In the past few days, we talked about how the console has an excellent emulative performance in this article. Yes, Xbox Series S is able to perfectly emulate the past titles of various consoles, including PS1, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Wii and many others. And this is exactly what a user on Reddit did, d_v_b, who posted a picture of him playing Mario Kart Double Dash, playing the game on his Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X | S has a Dev mode that allows you to install and run custom apps ”explains the user. “Of course more people tried adding all these retro game emulators and they worked really well,” he concludes, also confirming the ability to play with multiple controllers in local mode. In this way, he was able to play on the ninth generation console Mario Kart Double Dash, the racing game that features the characters of the Mario saga, but in this title two can race in the same vehicle, at the time released for Nintendo GameCube.

In the previous days, other users had also talked about this experience on the Xbox Series S - using a software that is legal and able to emulate the famous titles of the past, without showing malfunctions or frame drops . But as in the case of d_v_b, these users have preferred not to make the steps of this procedure public, deciding to explain them privately, certainly to avoid possible "repercussions" from Microsoft.

Xbox Series X | S could be back in stock, keep an eye on this link! In the meantime, if you are a Super Mario fan, we recommend purchasing Mario Kart Live Home Circuit.