Hollywood: Postponement of James Bond, Black Widow & Co. is imminent

Hollywood: Postponement of James Bond, Black Widow & Co. is imminent
The corona pandemic continues to keep the world in suspense, so that the film and cinema industry, among others, is struggling with restrictive restrictions. In many countries around the world, the cinemas are still closed. As a result, many production companies and film distributors are forced to postpone the start dates of numerous Hollywood blockbusters again. This emerges from a recent report by the Hollywood Reporter.


James Bond: No Time to Die - Official name in the reveal trailer loadVideoPlayer ('81792', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured ', 16, '16: 9', false, 1365485, false, 130800, 260, false, 0, '', '', false); The industry has already cleared almost the entire area between January and March 2021, so that the focus is now on the period from the second quarter of this year. It was originally planned that the agent film James Bond: No Time to Die should hit cinemas on April 2, 2021 after several postponements. However, according to some unspecified sources, this date is now also very unlikely. The sources currently assume that a further postponement is to be expected - until the end of the year.

This will probably be the case for almost all films whose premieres are or were planned until July 2021. These include A Quiet Place 2 (scheduled date: April 23, 2021), Black Widow (May 7), Fast & Furious F9 (May 28) and Venom 2 (June 25). So far there has been no official confirmation of the postponement, so you should consider the whole thing as a rumor for now. However, given the current developments in the corona pandemic, further delays are very likely. Similar reports surfaced as early as the middle of this month.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter