GTA 6: the protagonist can be male or female, according to a rumor

GTA 6: the protagonist can be male or female, according to a rumor
The protagonist of GTA 6 can be male or female, for the first time in the history of the Rockstar Games series: this is the rumor reported on Twitter by Tom Henderson, whose past as a leaker is quite well known on the net.

A few hours after the news that the announcement of GTA 6 could arrive in 2021 with release in 2022, here is a new, possible update for the sequel that millions of users are waiting with trepidation.

"For the first time Absolutely in an episode of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 6 will have a female and male protagonist ", Henderson wrote, without giving further details on this tip and leaving several questions unanswered.

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In fact, there are those who ask if there will be two different characters, a male and a female indeed, or if Henderson actually means that you can choose the gender of the protagonist, as happens in various RPGs.

What is certain is that if during this year we really see the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI, it will be good to psychologically prepare for the multiplication of rumors, leaks and rumors of any kind about the next Rockstar Games title.