Fortnite x God of War: how to unlock Kratos' Armored style for free

Fortnite x God of War: how to unlock Kratos' Armored style for free
Confirming the leaks published by the dataminers over the last few days, the protagonist of God of War has landed in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 object store with a whole set of cosmetic elements that recall weapons and characters seen in the exclusive PS4. The skin also includes an exclusive style that only a few can unlock.

How to unlock Kratos in Fortnite

If you want to get the armored version of Kratos you must first unlock the "standard" version of the character, which can be purchased from the Item Shop by any battle royale player on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and Android. There are two different purchase options, since the costume can be purchased individually or in bundles, thus saving a lot of V-Buck and getting hold of all the items that are part of the Spergiuro set.

Here are the items available in the God of War themed shop:

Kratos, Video Game Legends Series Costume (includes Mimir's Head back decorative): 1,500 V-Buck Ax of the Leviathan, Collector's Tool Series Game Legends (includes Ice Burst integrated emote): 1,000 V-Buck Guardian Shield, Hang Glider Game Legends Series: 800 V-Buck Kratos Bundle (contains all items listed above, saves 1,100 V-Buck): 2,200 V -Buck How to get Armored Kratos

At this point there is nothing left to do but unlock Kratos' shimmering armor, which he can wear only and exclusively thanks to his additional style. To get this second version of Kratos you need to complete only one game in any Fortnite Battle Royale mode on PlayStation 5. This sort of goal is retroactive, which means that if you've played Epic Games on the new Sony console at least once, you'll automatically get the additional God of War style upon purchase.