Fortnite: not only God of War, in the future also crossover with Halo?

Fortnite: not only God of War, in the future also crossover with Halo?
These days Fortnite players are confronted with a whole series of innovations introduced with Season 5. After the scenic fight against Galactus, in fact, the universe of the Epic Games title has undergone a radical change, bringing it to what it currently is known as the Zero Point. From the loop that has been created in the past few hours, it seems that a whole series of new unexpected characters are about to emerge.

Within the game island, several bounty hunters are already wandering among which we can also find Mando and the Child from the TV series set in the universe of Star Wars The Mandalorian. Just this morning, then, we pointed out that an unexpected new character is also expected, that is none other than Kratos from God of War. Apparently, the surprises aren't over at all, indeed, Epic seems to have only begun to amaze us.

Here's some images of the Halo Cosmetics, these are confirmed to be real.

- Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) December 3, 2020

How are they pointing out several leakers and dataminers on Twitter in these hours, it seems that in the future of Fortnite a special collaboration is also coming with Halo. The clues are down numerous, and not only include a possible Master Chief skin, but also new vehicles from the Microsoft franchise. The interesting thing about all of this is that we could be facing an even bigger crossover than the one we witnessed during the last Marvel-themed season.

At the moment we don't know if Kratos and Master Chief will be exclusive content for PlayStation and Xbox players, but the idea that the two icons can collide on the neutral battlefield of Fortnite already excites more than a few happy fantasies. What do you think of this possible crossover between the hit game Epic and the historic Halo saga?

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