Genshin Impact: The Returning "Wonderful Goods" Event: First-Gems and Key Rewards (Day 2)

Genshin Impact: The Returning Wonderful Goods Event: First-Gems and Key Rewards (Day 2)
The "Wonderful Goods" event is back on Genshin Impact. This event which started in October is again available for a week, with some changes. Here is the list of places where you can find the merchant, the items required to collect the box of the day, and the reward inside it. If you need help finding the right compounds, we've compiled a listing of materials, minerals, and herbs in our comprehensive Genshin Impact guide

How long does the event last?

The event will be available from January 23 until January 30

What the Wonderful Goods event is about

You are going to need to speak to a merchant named Li the Reliable who is located in Mondstadt. You will then have to give him resources that he will ask you, in exchange for a box of wonders. You will only be able to have and open one of its boxes per day.

Also note that if you don't like the contents of a box, you can go to a friend's world and talk to Li the reliable who may offer you another box with rewards different.

Day 1

Li the Reliable is in Mondstadt, right in front of the flower seller. He will ask you for 5 apples, 5 poultry and 5 sweet flowers to give you a box with rewards.

Day 2

Today, Li the Reliable will ask you for the following materials: 5 twilight apples, 5 pine cones and 5 carrots. He will give you a box with rewards in return. Remember that if you don't like the content, you can go to a friend's area to see the rewards their Reliable Li offers, and do the quest directly in their world.

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