Funko Pop !: Dune, Star Wars a Dragon Ball, book the news of 2021 from GameStopZing

Funko Pop !: Dune, Star Wars a Dragon Ball, book the news of 2021 from GameStopZing
If you are a fan of Funko Pop! , then you would do well to keep strong, as in the next few months hundreds of new figurines dedicated to the most popular franchises of the moment will arrive on the market. As it happens, they are all already bookable from GameStopZing, many of which are also absolutely exclusive.

First of all, the set dedicated to the Dune film directed by Denis Villeneuve, which includes Duke Leto, Baron Harkonnen, stands out. Lady Jessica, Duncan Idaho and Paul Atrides, all sold for 15.98 euros (the standard price of most Funko Pops!) And out on August 31, 2021. News also for Star Wars fans, which in view of the release set for June 30, 2021 can already book Rey with 2 lightsabers, Rey with the yellow lightsaber, Revitalized Palpatine and Ben Solo with the blue lightsaber from Rise of the Skywalker, the latest film in the saga. Even wider choice for Dragon Ball Z fans, who can pre-order Kami, Dr. Gero, Cell Prima Forma, Vegito, Goku Super Sayian with Kamehameha, Prince Vegeta and Freeza 100% Final Forma, as well as several keychains and three exclusives of GameStop offered at 19.98 euros, that is Goku Super Saiyan with Kamehameha Glow in the Dark, Vegito Metallic and Cell Prima Forma Glow in the Dark.

Among the Funko Pop! GameStop exclusive also include Vision 70s from WandaVision (February 15, 2021), Murloc Metallic from World of Warcraft (March 31, 2021), Miles Morales Programmable Matter Suit Glow In The Dark from Spider-Man: Miles Morales (March 31, 2021) and Sherlock Deadpool Marvel 30th Anniversary (March 31, 2021).

The list of Funko Pop! booking does not stop there, of course. To discover the entire selection, please consult the official GameStop website, or go to the store where possible in compliance with the regulations in force in your region.

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