Enel X and IP join forces to optimize car charging

Enel X and IP join forces to optimize car charging
Enel X and IP have signed an agreement to create a fast charging infrastructure up to 350 kW, surpassing even Tesla's offer with Superchargers v3; Enel therefore begins its collaboration with oil companies starting from IP which, assuming a decrease in the use of distributors in the coming years, wants to protect itself and begins to install columns within its service areas.

Il project begins with 7 HPC charging infrastructures located in the IP areas that are part of the European project "E-VIA FLEX-E" coordinated by Enel X in collaboration with various brands such as EDF, Nissan, Renault Group and Ibil, also co-financed by the European Commission in '' scope of the Call Connecting Europe Facility Transport 2016; through this initiative ultrafast charging stations will also be positioned beyond the Italian borders, going to Spain with 4 stations and to France with 2.

Everything will start from Northern Italy, which has excelled over the rest of the boot as to registrations of electric vehicles, with 3 stations with 350 kW columns located at the IP distributors of Peschiera del Garda (VR), Zanica (BG) and Biandrate (NO)

In each of the distributors it will be possible to recharge up to 4 cars at the same time, still behind the number of cars in Tesla Superchargers, and guaranteeing a full tank of energy in about 15 minutes; 4 more stations will be added to these stations and thanks to this project, Enel X becomes the first Italian CPO able to manage all types of chargers on the market.

Enel X's idea is therefore to transform gas stations into multi-energy hubs, promoting the spread of sustainable mobility throughout the country, says Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X; the creation of a network of ultrafast stations is essential to allow the use of electric cars without being a victim of recharge anxiety.

Following Venturini's statement, the CEO of IP Ugo Brachetti Peretti also commented, underlining the importance of activating ultrafast charging points both to favor the growth of the electric car market itself and to keep the distributors of the reference points for motorists also in this new era of Green mobility.