FCA, Enel X and NewMotion launch an unprecedented program for business customers

FCA, Enel X and NewMotion launch an unprecedented program for business customers
FCA has formalized two important collaboration agreements with Enel X and NewMotion. So let's talk about a partnership with two experienced leaders in the field of advanced energy solutions and in the supply of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles.

The goal? Inevitably, that of accelerating the transition to electric mobility in Europe and, not surprisingly, the three companies will offer new solutions and services designed specifically for customers, allowing them to be accessed in a simple and convenient way.

This partnership confirms Enel X's commitment to more sustainable transport and to electrification and decarbonisation around the world once again, offering our advanced charging solutions to anyone who chooses an electric vehicle, said Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility at Enel X. Thanks to this agreement, FCA will make available to its customers Enel X e-Mobility solutions designed to meet the needs of the business segment in the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese markets.

E- nterprise

This is the name of the European program born from the collaboration between FCA and the two partners with the clear objective of creating a set of services that can allow clients the business of integrating electric and electrified vehicles of the FCA group into their fleets. In detail, the program will offer the necessary support to FCA business customers even before the purchase, putting them in direct contact with the two partners in order to evaluate the charging requirements and verify technical details, thus obtaining an initial consultation on the best solutions available. to implement.

Once the checks useful to future buyers have been completed, it is thanks to the partnerships with Enel X and NewMotion that the program provides customers with the on-site installation of recharging points. The offer includes a range of bespoke charging solutions, a software and hardware platform, installation and assistance to meet all the needs of FCA users.

The partnership with NewMotion and Enel X - explains Roberto Di Stefano, Head of Network Development and e-Mobility for FCA's EMEA Region - will expand the offer of FCA's innovative services and solutions, simplifying the life of all business customers who decide to purchase an electric or electrified vehicle, and helping them to switch to e-mobility. Both NewMotion and Enel X are strategic partners of FCA and are part of the set of solutions created by our Group to transform the potential problems that customers may encounter in the transition to electrified mobility into opportunities. Thanks to a dedicated program, such as e-nterprise, FCA will be able to offer this strategy broadly and completely to its business customers, with specific and exclusive offers based on the experience of our two exceptional partners.