Eastronic, oximeter at the best price ever

Eastronic, oximeter at the best price ever
In the history of technological purchases, 2020 will remain in evidence as the biggest anomaly ever seen by virtue of the strong pressure that the health aspects have poured on each sector. No one would therefore have ever imagined that one of the most useful and sought-after technological devices of these months was the oximeter, a fundamental tool for monitoring health in the event of problems (and contagion). Today, when there are concrete fears in the air for the third wave and serious delays on vaccines, the problem returns arm in arm with an offer that extends its hand to those who have not yet organized themselves on this front.

Pulse oximeter, timed offer

Months after the explosion of the problem, the prices of saturimeters are falling due to the progressive organization of production and distribution chains, up to the offer available in these hours which brings the Eastronic model even below 10 euros: 9.99 euros, with a 38% discount compared to the traditional price of 15.99 euros.

A small and important investment: having an oximeter available means being able to monitor your health in the event of an onset without any symptoms, so you can always have the peace of mind of not being at the center of an escalation from Covid-19. In this case the device (with CE certificate) can offer an instantaneous saturation reading through the fingertip after just 7 seconds of measurement.

9.99 euros is the best price ever for a model that has it all. which is used for basic monitoring - with which it is possible to assist the remote monitoring of healthcare personnel.