Cyberpunk 2077: tools for official mod support available

Cyberpunk 2077: tools for official mod support available
Waiting for the Hotfix for the Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1 bug, the guys from CD Projekt RED confirm that they have introduced official mod support by finally making development and programming tools available for the PC version of the sci-fi blockbuster. br>
For the occasion, the Polish software house has opened a new section on the official website of Cyberpunk 2077 with a page that provides all the useful tools to create mods.

Inside the new section we find the programs necessary to obtain the game's Metadata, the ArchiveDump software that reveals the exact content of all the internal packages of the Cyberpunk 2077 installation files stored on the PC, the TweakDump utility to modify the archive system files and, finally, a list with the identification codes of the TweakDB database and the metadata of tweakdb.str.

With these tools, CD Projekt therefore allows modders to access each element of el installation file of Cyberpunk 2077, thus allowing the development of fan made expansions for the graphics sector, history, open world experience and gameplay dynamics. Until now, the modder scene has only been able to access a minimal part of the game code: yet, there are those who have already managed to create incredible projects such as the Cyberpunk mod in Borderlands-style cel shading or the system it introduces the third person view.

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