Crytek goes back to basics, the next game will be a sandbox FPS

Crytek goes back to basics, the next game will be a sandbox FPS
After helping to give birth to the Crysis trilogy and the first historical chapter of the Far Cry saga, Crytek has spent the last eighth generation of videogames experimenting with genres. In addition to the exclusive Microsoft Ryse Son of Rome, the German company has also released a title dedicated to virtual reality such as Robinson The Journey and the multiplayer FPS Hunt Showdown. Now, however, it seems that the software house is about to return to its origins.

A new job announcement appeared on the Crytek website, which underlines the creative ambitions of the next project in development at the studios. of the European team. The announcement calls for a suitable candidate to fill the role of game director and one for the lead game designer, who will have to work on what is the next big AAA triple project currently not yet officially announced.

Going into more detail, the job advertisement published by Crytek requires candidates to possess, in addition to technical skills, also "a deep passion for video games, preferably sandbox and FPS games". Hard to say at the moment if the German team is really working on a big return of Crysis, or if it will be a new IP. For now we just need to know that Crytek is about to return with a triple A, and we can't wait to find out what it is in more detail.

According to a recent rumor, it also seems that Crytek at the moment is working on 3 different projects. What do you think of this recent job posting? Are you hoping that among the 3 games in development at Crytek at least one is linked to the Crysis brand, or would you prefer three new different IPs? Please let us know with a comment in the dedicated section.

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