The vices and sins of Dante's Inferno demo

The vices and sins of Dante's Inferno demo
With the release of the demo available for download on the American PlayStation Store, Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno was shown to the public for the first time. First impressions confirm that the game is clearly inspired by Sony Santa Monica's epic God of War, with a mix of Greek mythology, crusades and biblical-sized boss battles.

Sincerely this analysis video it is much more useful as an actual preview of the demo, as the tracking of frames per second is rather linear. The frame rate statistics, in fact, are far from interesting, since the graphics engine constantly maintains 60FPS without any problems. Six of the eight clips selected for the video are taken from gameplay sequences, and in the more than 25,000 tests we performed we witnessed the loss of just 0.008 frames, a detail absolutely invisible to the human eye. The tests also confirm the constant 30FPS for cinematic sequences.

This impressive performance, however, was achieved at a fair price, of course. When compared to those of its direct rival on PS3 (God of War III), the details and effects of Dante's Inferno appear significantly reduced. Resolution is confirmed at native 720p, with the total absence of anti-aliasing. Going to see the merits, however, it must be noted that we are faced with 60FPS without apparent compromises: the game has v-sync and, at least in the exemplary levels included in this 1 GB download, it is very solid.

The point where Dante's Inferno demo appears weakest is that of narrative movies. The drop to 30FPS is not a problem, but while it is clear that the player model gains in detail, the fact that anti-aliasing continues to be absent, as well as motion blur or any other effect like that. overall a rather rough look. Added to this are the steps from the FMV sequences to those made with the game engine, which cause quite noticeable jumps in image quality. Furthermore, the inclusion of CG and even comic-style animations helps to give an air of general inconsistency to the entire presentation.

In general, however, the first impression is positive. In an industry where 30FPS is actually the standard, it's nice to see the guys at Visceral Games pushing so hard for 60FPS, plus in a multi-platform project. The Dante's Inferno demo will also arrive on Xbox 360, but not before Christmas Eve, when all of us will be on vacation. If we get a glimpse of the demo on the Microsoft console during the holidays, we'll be sure to update the DF via Twitter with our impressions!