The Callisto Protocol will be set in the PUBG universe

The Callisto Protocol will be set in the PUBG universe
If there is a game that attracted the attention of fans during the last ceremony of the TGA 2020, it is The Callisto Protocol. The survival horror, the first work of Striking Distance, has been able to charm us with a presentation trailer full of space horror atmosphere. Leading the project is Glen Schofield, one of the co-creators of the Dead Space saga, one of the horror games most loved by fans.

What perhaps not everyone knows about The Callisto Protocol is but the narrative context in which the game is inserted. This new horror, in fact, will be part of the PUBG universe. Yes, you got it right, what presented last night will be nothing more than a game set several years after the events of the much-played battle royale Player's Unknown Battlegrounds; 300 years into the future to be more precise.

This was confirmed by Schofield himself, who during a recent interview with IGN USA stated the following: “The first times I met the people of PUBG Corp I I am presented with this idea. I started talking about The Callisto Protocolo and we started putting together the studio. Finally, after presenting the game, we did nothing but adapt it to the PUBG storyline ”.

For the rest, at the moment we don't know much other information about The Callisto Protocol, except that at the exit we will find ourselves in front of a third person single player survival horrrs, and that according to the development team it will be one of the scariest games of the next gen. What do you think of the recent statements by Glen Schofield that emerged from the IGN USA interview? Do you expect there to be a net link to PUBG battle royale or just a few quotes here and there? let us know by telling us yours with a comment in the dedicated section.

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