Tesla Cybertruck, explained the particular design

Tesla Cybertruck, explained the particular design
On the occasion of a meeting with the press, the head of Tesla's design section, Franz von Holzhausen, answered various questions posed by the Chinese media, one of these in reference to the Tesla Cybertruck - which unfortunately will be delivered late compared to forecasts. and more specifically about its particular design and the reasons that led to create it just like that.

Von Holzhausen replied confirming how complicated it was to arrive at this design for the Cybertruck, for several reasons: first of all 'it was a need to stand out from the competition, to change approach in a pick-up saturated market like the United States. Breaking tradition, this was the guiding thread of the design of Tesla's new vehicle.

We soon ended up taking inspiration from somewhat anomalous means, such as military aircraft and other means that usually do not make design their strong point; unfortunately we have not gone into the specifics of this aspect, and we do not know what other means have given inspiration for the Cybertruck.

But the particular design of the Cybertruck is not only aesthetic, it is also functionality brought to the maximum: thanks to the stainless steel bodywork, the car will be dent and rust proof, but at the same time steel is very difficult and expensive to shape into sinuous and soft shapes, so we have opted to keep the line of the car as long as squared off as possible, in order to make the most of the potential of stainless steel, and save a little in the realization.

One of the last questions was related to the doors of the Model X, and why they were designed that way: Von Holzhausen explained that the choice was dictated by the need to offer convenient access for the third row of seats. Initially, attempts were made to integrate a sliding door system, which however did not convince Tesla's designers, who ultimately opted for the gull wings that we find today on the Model X.