Unlock the potential of your mobile Ryzen with this tool

Unlock the potential of your mobile Ryzen with this tool
The Ryzen Controller Team, which is not connected to AMD in any way, has developed Ryzen Controller software to allow users to overclock or, conversely, underclock their Ryzen CPU-equipped notebooks. This is essentially an unofficial version of AMD's Ryzen Master tool, but for laptops.

No two notebooks are alike; therefore, there is no universal tool that gives users complete control over the Ryzen processor within it. Noting this need, a group of enthusiasts co-created Ryzen Controller software. The tool supports most of AMD's mobile processors, including Ryzen 2000 (Raven Ridge), Ryzen 3000 (Picasso), and even the latest Ryzen 4000 (Renoir).

The software gives you access to advanced options that determine the behavior of the processor. Obviously, as this is an unofficial tool, the use of the Ryzen Controller is at the user's own risk and responsibility.

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Ryzen Controller allows you to modify various parameters of both the processor and the graphics component of AMD APUs. There are options to control the temperature and power limits of the chip, as well as to increase the frequency parameters. Essentially, you can overclock your processor for more performance, or even underclock it to save power (and battery) and reduce fan noise. The program also allows you to save your settings individually so you can change them with just clock, to be recalled according to various usage scenarios.

The good news is that Ryzen Controller isn't even exclusive to users. Windows 10. The software is also available for Linux distributions such as Debian and Red Hat.

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