Satispay: Delivery and Collection enables cashback

Satispay: Delivery and Collection enables cashback
The "Delivery and Collection" service available on Satispay allows you to have a 10% cashback on the expenditure made. The news comes directly from a response from the service on Twitter and is important not only for its immediate usefulness, but also for clarifying an important nuance of the principles on which the State Cashback is based.

Delivery and Withdrawal: ok to cashback

It seems clear to everyone how cashback can be perfectible and that in 2021 it will probably see some rules re-formulated in order to reach the goal in an even more targeted way. In these hours when usage begins to increase and the first refunds (virtual for now) begin to arrive on the app, particular aspects emerge that deserve further study as they open up further opportunities in the hands of users - and, consequently, of the merchants. Among these there is the "Delivery and Collection" function of Satispay:

The "Delivery and Collection" service of Satispay is not an online shopping, but a function that allows you to connect the shop and the user via our app. The merchant sends a request for payment from his physical store, for this you can get Cashback!

The nuance is subtle, but substantial. If in an online purchase it is the user who makes a purchase request based on a price, in the "Delivery and Collection" perimeter it is the merchant who sends a price against a purchase request. The function is particularly useful for ordering food at bars and restaurants and even more so it can be useful in this difficult phase for the sector and for all nearby businesses.

Paying with Satispay, in short, can be convenient as it automatically triggers the 10% discount, which can be added to any cashback already available on the app.