Modern Computing Alliance: an alliance for the cloud

Modern Computing Alliance: an alliance for the cloud
In the world of the cloud, an alliance was born that brings together some big names in the sector to create common best practices and tools to be put together to solve some of the most common problems more quickly. The initiative is called Modern Computing Alliance and brings together brands such as Google, Dell, Intel, Citrix, Okta, Slack, Zoom and VMWare.

Modern Computing Alliance

The goal of the Modern Computing Alliance seems to be to give life to a platform that allows you to ground with greater speed and pragmatism what are the prerogatives of investments in the cloud. In fact, each of these groups has specific interests in this regard, but it is often not easy to take all the necessary steps to reach out to users and make the use of available tools as easy and effective as possible. Google, for its part, puts on the plate both the Chrome browser and its own Google Workplace, as well as Chrome OS for the army of Chromebooks.

The objectives are clear and shared: security, identity, performance, productivity , as well as a strong and dedicated commitment to healthcare.

Google is clearly a forerunner of the project, a name that more than any other is interested and committed to this initiative. John Solomon, vice president of Chrome OS, explained that the idea of ​​a consortium of this type was in the air since 2019, but then the pandemic simply accelerated every project, displacing the interested actors who suddenly found themselves in the need to act without the time necessary for a common organization. At the end of this year, therefore, forming the Modern Computing Alliance was almost natural, a consequence of the facts and of what the parties had promised each other in unsuspected times.

The first results of this work will arrive at the beginning of 2021.