Hyundai and Ineos, together to make a hydrogen Grenadier

Hyundai and Ineos, together to make a hydrogen Grenadier
Ineos and Hyundai have just signed a preliminary agreement that will lead to the construction of new hydrogen vehicles: the two companies intend to build a hydrogen version of the Grenadier SUV, using the Korean manufacturer's proprietary fuel system already installed on the Hyundai NEXO. br>
Hyundai has been developing hydrogen fuel technologies for several years, and as early as 2013 released its first hydrogen-powered car.

“Ineos' choice to enter the hydrogen ecosystem marks an important milestone towards cleaner and more sustainable mobility, ”said Saehoon Kim, Hyundai Fuel Exec. "We hope to be able to offer a wide range of low ecological impact vehicles. Thanks to the collaboration with Ineos, we hope to be able to develop a sufficiently ecological fuel system for the hydrogen Grenadier. "

Ineos Grenadier is an imposing off-road vehicle evidently inspired by the Land Rover Defender, and the launch of the hydrogen version is not expected before late 2021. But Ineos does not only deal with cars, and is already at has been operating in this sector for some time: in fact, in Europe, the company produces about 300,000 tons of hydrogen per year, as a by-product of other chemical processes necessary for their production.

“The agreement between Ineos and Hyundai offers both companies new opportunities for expansion, becoming a reference point for the clean hydrogen economy. The possibility of studying new production processes, technologies and applications, combined with our already acquired skills, puts us in a position to satisfy a growing demand for a low environmental impact energy source, and at the same time to respond to the requests of enthusiasts of off-road vehicle of the future. "

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