The Initiative: well-known journalist reveals new details about the future game

The Initiative: well-known journalist reveals new details about the future game
The well-known Game Awards Show is practically behind the doors. Precisely for this reason, in recent weeks we have seen a flood of rumors. As always, it is good to wait for a more concrete confirmation when the information arises by pure chance. Precisely for this reason certain media whispers created in recent weeks are quite difficult to believe. However, many rumors somehow manage to find a source of truth thanks also to the testimonies of certain well-known figures in this industry. In fact for this reason today we return to talk again about the future game of The Initiative.

If by chance you missed the original news (which you can find here), a few weeks ago several insiders revealed some very interesting details regarding the future Xbox team project. According to the first details, however, The Initiative project will anger many fans. The well-known Windows Central journalist Jez Corden confirms this "drastic potential". According to Corden's confirmations, the game developed for some time by the Xbox team would be a spin-off of Perfect Dark.

The journalist has in fact added that the project is based on a cyberpunk setting (like the original Perfect Dark), will have episodic or Game as a Service features and will be announced shortly. In fact, the chances of seeing the new title The Initiative during the next TGA are by no means unlikely. Jez Corden also stated that the project has taken a very experimental approach both from a narrative and gameplay point of view, effectively revealing something very similar to certain Remedy projects.

Once again we have to wait for more concrete confirmations regarding these rumors. However, we would like to add that J ez Corden is a fairly reliable figure when it comes to rumors (especially related to the Xbox world). What is certain is that in the next few months we will find out what The Initiative is actually doing. We just have to wait!

Do you want a title with a cyberpunk setting but don't want to wait for the actual announcement of The Initiative project? Then we suggest you take a look at the following link!