Lada Niva Travel: production of the Russian off-road vehicle started

Lada Niva Travel: production of the Russian off-road vehicle started
An important milestone has been reached by Avtovaz - as well as one of the most important car factories in Russia -, in fact, the production of the Lada Niva Travel begins in the West Togliatti plant. The new SUV therefore takes the place of the historic Niva of which, since 1977, different variants have been produced and still - according to the car manufacturer itself - around 650,000 units are in circulation around the world.
The Lada West Togliatti plant has started production of the new SUV and, for the occasion, Dmitry Azarov - governor of the Samara region - and Yves Karakatzanis, president of Avtovaz, have released some words. Specifically, the latter said:

This is a great result especially for the "Lada West Togliatti" team, which managed this important project efficiently and on time. Niva has a long history and a glorious path.

Adding soon after:

More than 650,000 of these cars today drive on roads and off-road vehicles in Russia, the CIS and other countries. With the return of the legendary name Niva to the Lada family, we open a new page in its history. I assure you that many important and interesting innovations will be associated with this name in the coming years.

Inevitably, the new SUV is characterized by some stylistic differences compared to the previous model. In fact, the newcomer Niva Travel has different lines that seem to be much more similar to those that characterize almost all SUVs today. There is therefore no shortage of shaped fenders, redesigned hood, LED headlights - therefore more innovative - and a very wide front grille compared to previous models.

However, the cut of the doors highlights the willingness on the part of the car manufacturer to want to remember in some way the 1998 Chevrolet Niva, a project that has gradually developed up to the definitive model. Furthermore, the Lada company wanted to offer its customers the possibility of opting for an Off-road set-up, which includes a side snorkel for intake, tires suitable for off-road routes and a kit dedicated to the bodywork.

All Lada Niva Travel SUVs are also equipped with permanent all-wheel drive which has mechanical locking of the central differential and, moreover, there is also a manual gearbox with reduction gear. For the moment, no information regarding the characteristics of the engines has yet been released. However, all information about it could be disclosed when the date of the debut on the market of the Russian SUV is revealed.

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