Is there a Shopify danger?

Is there a Shopify danger?
According to a FakeSpot analysis of 120,000 online stores opened on Shopify, as many as 21% of these would pose the user some form of risk. The survey is ruthless towards the platform, one of the fastest growing ones during these months in which an increasing number of merchants have sought the online way for their sales.

Doubts about Shopify

The analysis glimpsed a varied series of weaknesses on many stores, such as to make the general shopping experience less attractive where Shopify is the platform used. The group belittles the extent of the "accusations", explaining that in some ways the problem extends to the entire sector and are certainly not peculiarities that belong exclusively to Shopify.

The rumors that lurk today around Shopify they are in many ways similar to those that lurked around the eBay brand a few years ago. Over time, however, eBay has put in place a whole series of countermeasures which, on the one hand, have reduced the objective risk of scams, and on the other, has provided greater education and training for users to make transactions safer. The combination of feedback, analysis, payment systems and more has finally made the platform less fragile and more profitable for those who intend to exploit it for their own sales.

If the platform wants to be confirmed in the months to come, it will inevitably have to put in place cross control and management systems that make the shopping experience as safe and reliable as possible. To do this, it will have to make the platform less attractive to shops with distorted purposes, trying instead to put together a sales ecosystem that is as efficient and rich as possible. The potential is abnormal and investments in security will be the best that the platform can define to start 2021 in the best possible way.

Source: Financial Times