The shopping cart arrives on WhatsApp to make purchases in chat

The shopping cart arrives on WhatsApp to make purchases in chat

The messaging app is increasingly targeting smartphone purchases. Now with the shopping cart just a message is enough to complete the orders. Here's how to use it

The shopping cart for online purchases also arrives on WhatsApp (image: WhatsApp) Shopping through WhatsApp becomes even more like any ecommerce site thanks to the new Cart function introduced by the instant messaging platform .

At the beginning of November WhatsApp introduced a button with a shop icon to easily access the product catalogs offered for sale by WhatsApp Business profiles. By clicking on it, the user can consult the products on sale and proceed with the purchase.

Now, as more and more customers use WhatsApp chats to make purchases, the Menlo Park team has decided to introduce the Shopping Cart function. With this novelty, users will be able to choose multiple products from the same catalog and put them in their shopping cart. Once they have made their choice, they can send the order to the business with a single message. Before this novelty, the user had to send a message for each item purchased.

If for customers the novelty translates into multiple products that can be purchased with a single message, for merchants the advantages will activate in simplifying the tracking of orders received and in sales management.

How to use the WhatsApp cart

Here's how to fill your cart on WhatsApp (image: WhatsApp) Using the Cart function is very simple. Once you have identified the company profile from which you want to buy, access the catalog of goods by pressing the shop-shaped button in the top right of the chat, next to the telephone handset icon.

Now just select the items in the catalog and tap Add to cart. After shopping, you can send the contents of your cart to the business via a simple message. The WhatsApp cart is available for all users, Android and iOS, from 8 December, just in time for the rush to Christmas shopping.