Will Project 007 be a live service like Hitman? Not necessarily, says IOI

Will Project 007 be a live service like Hitman? Not necessarily, says IOI
The guys of IO Interactive are at the center of the spotlight for more than one reason: to begin with, in ten days they will publish in total autonomy Hitman 3, the final chapter of the most recent narrative arc that has seen Agent 47 as the protagonist. recently announced to be working on a 007 game.

Announced last November, Project 007 has been described as a fully produced and developed product within IO Interactive, with a specially written original story that will narrate of the origins of the secret agent in the service of Her Majesty. In a recent interview, the studio expressed its firm intention to shake off the nickname "Hitman's company": the bald killer will never be abandoned, but IO Interactive wants to be known for more.

In any case, very little is known about Project 007. The release date seems distant, and we have not even seen the shadow of the gameplay. In any case, from a recent statement by the studio's leaders, it is clear that Project 007 may not follow the live service model that has characterized the recent releases of Hitman. In a recent interview, Communications Manager Travis Barbour said, "It might be, but it isn't. I don't mean we will definitely use it in the future - I think it worked for what we did with Hitman. [...] It depends. from the game. It worked with Hitman because we wanted to keep improving it. But that doesn't mean we'll always adopt the same model in the future.

The first chapter of the new Hitman course, we recall, was published with the help of Square Enix in episodic format. Hitman 2 was released by Warner Bros. as a one-off product, but has maintained the live service approach with ongoing updates and events. Hitman 3, out on January 20 on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Google Stadia, will follow the same model as its predecessor but will be published in total autonomy by IOI. We look forward to new information on Project 007.

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