What is the best tennis game for PS4?

What is the best tennis game for PS4?
Sports are among the most loved and played games of all: just think of FIFA, which breaks new records every year, NBA 2K, a reference point for basketball, and Madden NFL, which punctually clears up the USA. You don't live on football, basketball and football alone, but ... there are also many tennis fans out there!

Unfortunately, despite the incredible amount of games available on PlayStation 4, the park dedicated to racquet sport is rather limited, and it doesn't even stand out for its quality. With the Virtua Tennis series stopped for ten years, it was the turn of the Tennis World Tour and Australian Open Tennis to divide up the audience of fans, without however satisfying them fully. Both released in 2018 and developed by the same team from Big Ant Studios, they deeply disappointed the critics, who assigned them rather low ratings: the first has a very bad Meta Score equal to 45, while the second barely reaches 50.

The sequels launched in 2020 did better, even without achieving excellence: Tennis World Tour 2 remained below the mark with a Meta Score of 56, while AO Tennis 2 sports an average of 69, more than enough to make it the best tennis game for PS4 according to critics! If you want to know more, we invite you to read the Tennis World Tour 2 review and the AO Tennis 2 review.

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