Smart multi-business (Alexa, Google), the Amazon offer

Smart multi-business (Alexa, Google), the Amazon offer
To transform your home (or office) into a smart home, you don't need large investments: the necessary technologies are now within everyone's reach, even economically. Another demonstration today with the smart multi-socket of the Meross brand specialized in this type of equipment proposed on Amazon with a 13% discount on the list price.

Meross: smart multi-socket today at a discount

It is compatible with all the best known and most popular ecosystems: Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT. For communication it connects to the local WiFi network. There are four Schuko sockets (each flanked by an LED that indicates its operation) and as many USBs which can be useful, for example, for charging devices such as smartphones, tablets or multimedia players.

Among other features, overload protection, the ability to access or switch off individual powered appliances, even remotely via mobile application or by voice commands. The material used is fireproof, so as to guarantee the highest possible level of safety. At a price of only € 31.44 instead of € 36.00 as per the price list it is a great deal.

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