She-Hulk: These actors are on the new Marvel series

She-Hulk: These actors are on the new Marvel series
It has been known for some time that Marvel is working on a series about the superhero She-Hulk, which will be shown exclusively on the streaming service Disney +. In the meantime, other actors are known who will be on board for this production. According to a recent report by Deadline, this includes Ginger Gonzaga. You may know her from the series "Kidding" or as the voice of some characters from "Family Guy". Gonzaga slips into the role of the best friend of the heroine Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk. The name of this friend is not yet known.

Jennifer Walters, who by the way is Bruce Banner's cousin and thus the original Hulk, is played by Tatiana Maslany. She was previously in the series "Orphan Black" and the movie "Stronger". Also there is Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. He had played the green muscle man in all of the Avengers films. Tim Roth has also been confirmed for the role of villain Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination. Roth should know some of the Tarantino films like "The Hateful 8" and "Pulp Fiction". Further roles have not yet been filled or known.

Incidentally, the same also applies to an exact start date for She-Hulk at Disney +. According to current plans, it should start in the course of 2022, a total of ten episodes are planned for the first season. The directors include Kat Caro (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Anu Valia (Bushwick Beats). Incidentally, the new Marvel series WandaVision has recently started running on Disney's streaming service.


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