Fortnite: Start date for Season 5, new update introduces paid subscription

Fortnite: Start date for Season 5, new update introduces paid subscription
The start of Fortnite Season 5 in Chapter 2 is imminent: In a recent blog entry, Epic Games announced that the new season will begin on December 2nd. A server downtime of several hours and a patch download can therefore be expected next Wednesday. In addition to new content, the developers are also introducing a subscription model for the battle royale shooter at the launch of the new season. With "Fortnite Crew" players should "never again miss important Fortnite content".

Subscribers receive the respective Battle Passes for the current season, 1,000 V-Bucks per month, at a price of 11.99 euros per month to redeem in the item shop and a new crew package with the latest skins every month (exclusively for crew members). The crew package for December is already fixed: Galaxia. "When the Fortnite crew starts on December 2nd, the members of the crew will receive this brand new outfit and style as well as the 'Cosmic Lama Horn' pickaxe and the 'Smashed World' back accessory," Epic Games writes Announcement of the subscription model. (buy now € 15.14)

The developers want to present the next package towards the end of the month, which is available exclusively to members of the crew subscription model. We have included a first trailer for the Fortnite crew below. If you want, you can continue to play Fortnite for free - and purchase additional content individually if you wish. As soon as we get more information about the content of Season 5, you will find out as usual on our website. Fortnite is available on PC, consoles and mobile devices.

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