Samsung SSD 1 TB (860 QVO), discount -38%: a bargain

Samsung SSD 1 TB (860 QVO), discount -38%: a bargain
Proposed today at an all-time low on Amazon, the 1 TB SSD of the Samsung 860 QVO series is ideal for those who are considering a hardware upgrade of their computer or are setting up a new one: it is possible to buy it on the online store with a 38% discount on the list price.

The 1 TB Samsung SSD on offer today on Amazon

Taking a look at the technical specifications sheet, the speed of 550 MB / s in data transfer stands out in the reading phase (in writing it reaches 520 MB / s) thanks to the use of V-NAND technology. The form factor is 2.5 inches, the SATA connection interface. The unit allows you to reduce the start-up times of the operating system as well as those of loading and saving files compared to what happens with a traditional hard disk.

Priced at 97,90 euros instead of 158,29 euros as per the price list, the 1 TB SSD from Samsung (860 QVO series) is a bargain not to be missed. Availability is immediate, as is home delivery with free shipping.

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