Racing on the track with a Prius, you can do it!

Racing on the track with a Prius, you can do it!
Have you ever thought that the car you use every day can also entertain you for racing on the track? And we're not talking about those lucky ones who use a sports car to get to work, we are talking about the more classic everyday cars, like the Toyota Prius we are telling you about today.

The Prius you see in the images, and in the video that we report below, it belongs to Jake Stumph, a guy who runs a Youtube channel called 'Drive Break Fix Repeat'. A few months ago, Jake bought the Prius that had been used in a fleet of taxis, and came up with the idea of ​​turning it into a car to go racing on the track: after all, any car can run. on the track with small tricks.

What Jake did was install an aerodynamic kit on the front bumper, on whose usefulness we reserve the right to express some doubts, install a coilover suspension kit to improve road holding and reduce roll at high speeds, and install 245mm front tires which further improve grip.

Thanks to these changes, which all in all did not require an exaggerated expense, Jake was able to improve time lap time - at the Willow Springs, California track - by a good 10 seconds compared to the tests carried out with the original car. 10 seconds less, simply by touching the set-up and tires of the car, without any kind of increase in engine power. Before the changes, the car was practically undriveable on the track, due to the narrow tires - designed to reduce fuel consumption, not to maximize grip - and the set-up that did not allow it to take corners at high speed. Of course it will never be competitive with cars made specifically to race on the track, but this low-budget project has given surprisingly satisfying results.

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