PS5, still shortage of stocks in Japan: Sony focuses on the foreign market

PS5, still shortage of stocks in Japan: Sony focuses on the foreign market
The launch of the new Sony console saw about 240,000 PS5 units sold in Japan, according to data reported by Famitsu, an extremely well-known magazine in the Rising Sun.

A figure that qualifies as decidedly lower than what was totaled in the same period of time from the previous hardware of the Japanese giant. Always according to data reported by Famitsu, during the first eight weeks, PlayStation 5 made its entrance into the homes of 266,000 fans. By comparison, PlayStation 4 had totaled double sales, while the performance of PS5 corresponds to about 60% of what PlayStation 3 achieved. Nevertheless, the latter was affected by shortages at the time, exactly as it is now being used for PS5.

In an examination linked to the first sales figures of the next gen console, Nikkei Asia reads these results as the sign of a shift in Sony's strategic focus. Sure of the solidity of the PlayStation brand on Japanese soil, the company would have decided to favor the distribution of PlayStation 5 abroad. Particularly in North America, where the challenge with Microsoft would be particularly fierce. The European market as a whole is obviously also present, while Sony does not even ignore other commercial sides, as evidenced by the recent launch of PS5 in India. Furthermore, to optimize the production chain and favor the new hardware, Sony has decided to rationalize the distribution of PS4 in Japan, significantly reducing the stocks of the old gen console destined for the domestic market.

An interesting interpretation, which however seems to contrast with recent statements from Sony management, with Jim Ryan reassuring the Japanese audience.

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