PS5 nowhere to be found and speculators: UK parliament against Bots

PS5 nowhere to be found and speculators: UK parliament against Bots
The condition of systematic shortage of stocks of next-gen consoles in physical and digital stores continues, while on the secondary market speculative actions bring the price of hardware to enormously higher prices.

Contributing to the effectiveness of speculators' actions also contributes to the use by the latter of technologies aimed at monitoring the offer and exceeding normal customers in the purchase phase. The issue has grown to such a degree that a UK store has taken action against bots, while PlayStation 5 stock raids have even invaded the British political debate. Radio 4 of the BBC, for example, reported the opinions of various experts on the subject.

The subjects interviewed by the broadcaster, including British parliamentarians, agreed to highlight how the issue actually represents an extremely serious matter. The action of speculators who use bots in fact undermines the principle of free access to the market. However, the situation could worsen over time, as these tools are becoming more accessible and easier to use. At the same time, however, identifying them and blocking their action is not at all easy. Several quick insights were offered in the coverage offered by the BBC, one of which highlighted how manufacturing companies, such as Sony, do not have the possibility to intervene on the matter: another reason to support legislative intervention to regulate the phenomenon. In particular, the Scottish politician Douglas Chapman confirmed his intention to bring the discussion to Parliament.

While the issue has emerged strongly recently in connection with PS5, there are actually many industries affected by the bot issue, including fashion, technology and entertainment. In recent years, for example, speculation related to concert tickets has received a lot of resonance: in 2016 the case of the Ticketbot on Coldplay's live shows had caused quite a stir.

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