Outpost 31: Comics are in fashion!

Outpost 31: Comics are in fashion!
Outpost 31 is the weekly event hosted by Andrea Artusi dedicated to the world of pop culture broadcast every Friday from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm on geekinco's POP Culture Channel on Twitch live from the IUSVE Cube Radio studios. Comics, cinema, TV series, video games become protagonists thanks to the contributions of the editorial staff composed of a cast of exceptional permanent collaborators including Loris Cantarelli, Andrea Voglino, Diego Cajelli and Manuel Enrico directed by Marco Sanavio and Jasmine Pagliarusco is a different studio guest every week.

Outpost 31 - 22/01/2021

After last week's extraordinary episode dedicated to the drawn representation of the sport of football that scored the most of 17,000 views and an average of a thousand users connected during the live this week we will talk about another aspect for which Italy is known in the world: fashion.

To do this in the studio, Pietro Lezzi, sportswear stylist and illustrator, will be a guest, with whom we will discover how the style of a garment is born and how tools such as the moodboard are used and we will know his passion for comics and how this genre has influenced his creations.

The journey into the world of fashion will continue with Andrea Voglino who will accompany us in the close relationships between comic characters and style from the years '60 up to today, from the works of Crepax through the authors of Valvoline. Last year the twentieth anniversary of the first publication of Paradise Kiss was celebrated, the famous manga published in Italy by Planet Manga which has stylists and models as protagonists and which will be told by Federica Lippi of Fumettologica. And to conclude, we will have in connection none other than Marco Russo and Alessio Fioriniello, authors of the sparkling graphic novel 'Paris Fashion Slam' published by Panini.

Where to see Outpost 31?

To follow the episode of Outpost 31 live, just connect every Friday to the Twitch channel of Cultura POP starting at 15:30 or retrieve an extract from the live on CulturaPOP Youtube channel.

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