Microsoft 365 Family almost half price on Amazon

Microsoft 365 Family almost half price on Amazon
Everything you need for productivity and education, for the whole family: in these hours, the annual Family subscription of the Microsoft 365 package is offered at almost half the price on Amazon. The activation code is provided immediately after the order is confirmed.

45% discount on the Microsoft 365 Family subscription

All tools from the previously known package are included like Office: Word text documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and OneNote digital notes. Added to this is 1 TB of space for storing content on the OneDrive cloud platform with advanced security features. There is also the possibility to install the programs locally without difficulty to work even in the absence of a connection.

The advantage of the Family subscription is that it consists in being able to access every element of Microsoft 365 from six different accounts, each independently and separately. Full compatibility with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS guaranteed. All this today at the price of only 54.99 euros instead of 99.00 euros as per the price list.

Source: Amazon