Michelin, new patent for reverse on all motorcycles

Michelin, new patent for reverse on all motorcycles
Michelin has registered a patent that would allow the integration of a reverse gear system on any type of motorcycle, thanks to the installation of a small electric motor on the rear wheel.

All motorcyclists experience this type of situation at least once: moving the bike backwards, perhaps on a slightly sloping road, can be very tiring even if the bike weighs little. To date, the only bikes that have reverse gear are the bigger Goldwings and Harley-Davidsons, as well as some electric bikes, but that may soon change.

Michelin has come up with a very smart and easily installed system : it is a completely independent system from the rest of the bike, fixed to the rear swingarm as if it were a mudguard or a license plate holder. It will therefore not be necessary to open the gearbox to add a gear or modify the existing engine, because it will be sufficient to install this small electric motor equipped with 2 or 3 rotors that rest on the rubber and turn it in the required direction. During the running phase the rotors retract, allowing the free rotation of the tire. Everything is powered by a dedicated lithium battery, so there will be no need to make connections up to the bike's battery.

The patent states that the system can also be used to move the bike forward with the engine off, at a speed of 1 km / h and on slopes up to a maximum of 10% gradient: a function that could be useful for many motorcyclists.

We have only one doubt about this intelligent system: aesthetics. More often than not, the original mudguards and license plate holder are among the first parts that are replaced on a motorcycle, while in this case an element in full view on the rear wheel would be added. A choice will have to be made between aesthetics and functionality, but this Michelin system will undoubtedly be very popular with lighter riders.