Linus Torvalds: AMD CPUs better than Intel CPUs

Linus Torvalds: AMD CPUs better than Intel CPUs
It is a not just endorsement that AMD collected in recent days: the father of Linux has changed his mind and now prefers the processors made by the chipmaker. Linus Torvalds says he has stopped using those produced by competitor Intel motivating his decision with a post on the Real World Technologies forum.

The father of Linux switched from Intel to AMD (and he is happy about it )

Already in the middle of last year Torvalds had announced that he was happy with a system based on Threadripper 3970X. Now he returns to the topic a few weeks after the release regarding the desire to reach out to a Mac ARM with Linux which at least for the moment seems destined to remain unexpressed. The CPU evaluation is basically based on the relationship between expense and performance which seems to reward the strategy adopted by AMD.

Personally I am very happy with AMD in this period. I used to despise their horrible core bulldozers, but I think they took a home run with the Ryzen series and their chiplet-based approach. Not only because they have fixed the cores, but because their chiplets have made it much easier to scale and offer a model that is close to the principle “double the cores for double the price”.

These are his words in about the Xeon CPUs intended by Intel at the high end of the market.

I have been interested in Xeon CPUs, but have never really managed to make them work. The math according to Intel is that you get double from a CPU if the price goes five times. So I used Intel's consumer CPUs for my personal workstations.

Source: Real World Technologies