Konami closes its video game production divisions for internal restructuring

Konami closes its video game production divisions for internal restructuring
In last year's fiscal results document, Konami wrote very succinctly that it will proceed to reorganize some internal resources. On the sidelines of the announcement of various promotions, a part of future policies emerges that could be read in a worrying way: starting from February 1, 2021, the Japanese firm will dissolve the Productive Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

As we said, the news could be worrying because, in its most extreme reading, it could mean that Konami is divesting the business part that deals with video games and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. PES excluded. A possibility that immediately alarmed fans around the world and polarized the positions, between those who think it is the confirmation that the next Silent Hill is developed by Sony and those who see us behind the hand of Microsoft, which has long been says it is looking for an oriental acquisition.

In reality, given the company's health and the fact that PES Production seems not to be affected by these changes, it could simply be an internal redistribution of resources "for respond more quickly to the market around us "reads the official statement. In fact, by eliminating the divisions between the various production departments, Konami could simply have a more fluid and dynamic structure to production.

The dissolution of divisions 1, 2 and 3 will be effective from February 1, 2021. Konami Digital at the moment. Entertainment has around 1,600 employees, while Konami as a whole has more than 10,400. The main business of the company, unlike what one might think, comes from pachinko, slot machines, anime, trading cards and fitness centers. In 2019 Konami had an operating income of around 400 million euros.

If there is anything else behind these changes, we will let you know immediately.