Silent Hill: The creator is developing a horror game

Silent Hill: The creator is developing a horror game
Keiichiro Toyama is one of the most important figures in the gaming industry. For all those to whom this name and surname does not say anything, Toyama is the one who gave shape to the first historical Silent Hill, one of the most significant and seminal horror games released in the 90s. His work dossier then brought us other great titles such as the Forbiden Siren saga and the adrenaline-pumping Gravity Rush.

Now that the paths of Toyama and Sony have divided, the Japanese developer has not lost time, going to open his new studio only a few months ago; Bokeh Game Studio. Until today he had an aura of mystery about the next project of the father of Silent Hill, but now we know much more. Toyama, along with his new team, are working on a new horror game that will be cross-platform.

First, Toyama was keen to state that his new game is currently in an early stage of development, but the goal of the team is to get it out within the next three years, so in 2023, hopefully, we could have it in our hands. In addition, the father of Silent Hill has confirmed that this new horror will also have action elements, and something that will bring back the experiences developed in the past of the Japanese author.

At the moment we do not know more about the new project of Keiichiro Toyama , but even with this little information, interest in this new project is already at a high level. We just have to wait for the next communications from Bokeh Game Studio. What do you think of this new announcement from the creator of the first Silent Hill? What kind of horror do you expect from Keiichiro Toyama's next work? Tell us yours by leaving us a comment in the dedicated section.

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