Kingdom Come Deliverance Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Coming to Nintendo Switch?
The beloved and criticized Kingdom Come Deliverance (of which we invite you to retrieve our review), apparently, will soon be released for Nintendo Switch in its Royal Edition version, including all DLCs. The news comes from Nintendo's Japanese site, where the Warhorse Studios title is reported in the February release schedule. At the moment the next publication has not been made official (scheduled for February 18, 2021), but the announcement could come in these first weeks of January.

The real doubt concerns the nature of this publication: it will be available both in physical or digital, or will it be usable only via the cloud? This is a more than legitimate question, given that the title uses CryEngine and is particularly expanded. Nevertheless, the Nintendo Switch has also received other heavy titles, first of all The Witcher III: Wild Hunt which, despite the technical limitations of the Nintendo home console, has achieved a certain charm in its portable transposition.

How we can read from the description of the game: Kingdom Come Deliverance offers players the following:

• A huge realistic world: imposing castles and immense expanses, reproduced with state-of-the-art graphics;

• A non-linear story: solve missions in different ways and face the consequences of your choices;

• Thrilling combat: fight from a distance, stealth or hand-to-hand. Choose your weapons and perform unique combos in lethal encounters;

• Character development: choose equipment, improve your skills and learn new talents;

• A dynamic world: yours actions influence the reactions of others. Fight, rob, seduce, threaten, convince or corrupt;

• Historical accuracy: meet historical figures who really existed and experience medieval Bohemia "

Here is the description of the title: “You are Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Involved in a violent civil war, you will helplessly witness the invasion of your village and the slaughter of your family. Having survived the attack, you will pick up the sword ready to fight. Avenge your parents' death and repel the invaders!

Kingdom Come Deliverance in its Royal Edition version is available on Amazon Italy at a bargain price for PS4 and Xbox One.