Intel Rocket Lake-S, specifications and pricing appear from a European reseller

Intel Rocket Lake-S, specifications and pricing appear from a European reseller
The 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake-S processors appeared in the list of the Belgian retailer 2Compute, indicating delivery times of one week. The store also released basic specs and pricing for the new chips made on the company's 14nm manufacturing node in Santa Clara. Of course, since this is not information that comes directly from Intel, we recommend taking it with a grain of salt again.

As evidenced by the F-Series, Intel will continue to offer models without integrated GPUs in this generation. In the case of Rocket Lake-S, the processors will lack the Xe-LP GPU. Logically, the F-series and KF-series models will cost less than their respective counterparts equipped with an iGPU. If 2Compute's price confirms close to Intel's recommended price, we could see a price difference of up to $ 29.

Maximum of eight cores, 5.3 GHz peak boost speed
New Cypress Cove architecture featuring Ice Lake Core architecture and Tiger Lake Graphics architecture.
Support for PCIe 4.0 - 20 lanes (four to storage)
New microarchitecture for the desktop
AVX-512, Thunderbolt 4 support
Intel plans to launch Rocket Lake in March 2021
Intel 12th-gen Xe LP Graphics increase graphics performance by 50%
Support for DDR4-3200 for Rocket Lake, DDR4-2666 for Comet Lake Refresh
New overclocking features for more flexible tuning performance
Intel Deep Learning Boost and VNNI support
Backward compatible with 400-series motherboards (caveats apply)

We remind you that with Rocket Lake-S the Sunny Cove microarchitecture will also debut and the CPUs will offer a ssimo of eight cores. Therefore, it is not quite fair to compare it to Comet Lake-S, which is based on the old Skylake microarchitecture and uses up to ten cores.

We recently also told you about the rather extreme overclock to which an engineering sample of an Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU was subjected, presumably a Core i9-10900K, which brought the chip frequency up to 7 , 7GHz.

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