Hades coming to Xbox, in the Game Pass since day one?

Hades coming to Xbox, in the Game Pass since day one?

Hades Game pass

From the latest Xbox Era podcast, a rumor emerges about Hades, elected game of the year 2020 by various newspapers. According to some rumors, Hades could soon arrive on Xbox family consoles, with availability on Game Pass since launch.

The source is Ed, one of the founders of XboxEra, who in the past has revealed numerous advances which have turned out to be correct such as The Initiative's absence from the Xbox event in July and the subsequent announcement of Perfect Dark (although the prediction on the episodic nature turned out to be incorrect).

In fact, there are no valid reasons for which Hades cannot reach on Xbox consoles and Supergiant Games seems to have every interest in bringing his game to the greatest number of platforms, especially after the push received at the end of 2020 thanks to the victory of various awards such as Game of the Year.

To learn more, we refer you to our review of Hades: "Hades is, in no uncertain terms, a masterpiece: a phenomenal roguelike, packed with boundless class and inspiration, which once again consecrates (and perhaps more c he mai ...) the crystalline talent of Supergiant Games. The escape from the depths of the Underworld in the company of Zagreus and the rest of the colorful cast of characters is an evocative journey destined to bewitch you, to enter your head like an obsession and to delight your fingertips: be careful, because here it is done - or rather, in a certain sense is rewritten - history, in the presence of an evident instant classic. "