GTA 6: is the teaser closer than you think? The latest clues

GTA 6: is the teaser closer than you think? The latest clues
If there is one constant that is accompanying us in recent months, it is the elusive announcement of GTA 6. The next big Rockstar production is being talked about more and more, and despite this, we have not yet received any signals from the American company. On the other hand, the last title released by Rockstar is "only" from 3 years ago and it is not taken for granted that the development team is still on the high seas in the production of the next GTA.

According to recent insights of a fan, however, it seems that the time to see a first announcement related to GTA 6 is closer than you might think. Groped to warn us in advance is the user "ItsTreDay" of Reddit, who tried to put in order some information scattered on the net that would lead to the announcement of the Rockstar title during the next Super Bowl this February.

“The Super Bowl will take place again in Florida and The Weeknd will perform during the intermission. There have been tons of rumors about the band working with Rockstar last year when their album was announced. " The user continues by saying that he supported this speculation of his to previous rumors that cited a GTA 6 that would return to one of the most loved settings by fans: Vice City, a fictional city that refers to Miami, one of the most famous cities in the state of Florida.

The Superbowl is coming back up in a few weeks. While unlikely, I feel a teaser is possible this year from GTA6

As always, until Rockstar shows us something official about GTA 6, we advise you to take this speculation with due attention. Of course, if the next Super Bowl really shows us the first teaser of the new GTA, we won't have to wait that long, given that the sports competition will kick off on February 7th. What do you think of this latest rumor concerning the mysterious sixth chapter of GTA?

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