Ford plans a Bronco Heritage Edition in 2022

Ford plans a Bronco Heritage Edition in 2022
The off-road market has suffered a major shake following Ford's presentation of the new Bronco. The return of the beloved American off-road vehicle drove enthusiasts crazy, who rushed to pre-order the car that will go into production in May 2021: in just two weeks from the official presentation, Ford has received more than 150,000 pre- orders for the new Bronco, which as of today has a waiting list of more than 12 months.

Although it has not yet been seen on the roads, some sources very close to Ford have leaked information about a new set-up planned for the 2022 version of the Bronco, called the Heritage Edition. This special set-up will be offered both in the 2-door version and in the four-door version. Here ends the few certainties provided by the leak, the rest are all speculations: we can't really understand the meaning of the name "Heritage", given that in 2022 the Bronco will turn 56 - not exactly one of those anniversaries worthy of a special edition .

It is possible that Ford wants to pay homage to its older Broncos by offering particular color combinations, adding chrome details, badges indicating the special edition, and perhaps alloy wheels specific to this version; However, we cannot exclude that the inspiration comes instead from slightly more recent models, such as those that depopulated during the 90s and which are now almost ready to be defined as vintage models.

As we had anticipated, the certainties are few, but without a doubt Ford has a nice collection of Bronco from which to take inspiration for its new version arriving in 2022. In the meantime, we can wait for the release on the market of the model that will go into production in 2021, the cheapest version of which starts at a price of 28,500 dollars on the American market, with the possibility of going up to 61,605 dollars in the case of the richer and more complete set-ups.

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