Destiny 2: Season 13 brings old loot mechanics back into the game

Destiny 2: Season 13 brings old loot mechanics back into the game
Bungie is revealing more and more details about the upcoming season 13 in Destiny 2. All Destiny fans will surely be particularly happy about the new edition of "This Week at Bungie". The Umbral engrams, a popular loot mechanic, will return to the game in year 4.

The Umbral engrams were originally a feature from Season 11 of Destiny 2 (buy now € 8.95). These allowed guardians to acquire certain items in a more targeted manner. So it was easier to determine the loot yourself, which is a real blessing in a game like Destiny 2. Season 12 unfortunately had to do without the Umbral engrams so far, but in all seasons in year 4 of Destiny 2 these will be an integral part of the game.

There are still some adjustments. Players will receive fewer Umbral Engrams than they did in Season 11. The list of activities that reward Guardians with Umbral Engrams has also changed:

Patrol Strikes Crucible Gambit Trial by Fire Public Events Blind Source Nightmare Hunt Exo Challenge Empire Hunt Seasonal Activity Umbral engrams can also be anywhere can be obtained in the game by defeating enemies.

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