Deep Rock Galactic: New Frontiers, the new update will arrive in February

Deep Rock Galactic: New Frontiers, the new update will arrive in February
Coffee Stain Studios and Ghost Ship Games have announced that Deep Rock Galactic's new update, New Frontiers is coming very soon. This update 33, in fact, will be released on PC on February 4, 2021. The Windows 10 / Xbox One version, also available through the Xbox Game Pass, will arrive the following week, on February 11th.

Two new biomes will be added thanks to this update: Azure Weald is an environment characterized by luminescent lichens, while Hollow Bough is characterized by rich vegetation. Both of these novelties, however, should not distract you: they will hide many dangers that space miners will have to be able to avoid.

With New Frontiers, not only new content will arrive, but also old missions will be revised. For example Elimination, Salvage and Point Extraction will not only be revised with new dangers and objectives, but will see the introduction of all the innovations that came with the previous update.

In addition, the developers have introduced 8 new music tracks that they won't have a problem with music licenses. An addition designed with streamers in mind, who will no longer risk being DMCAed by playing Deep Rock Galactic live.

In case you are wondering what the game is like, so you understand if it is worth buying it or download it through the Xbox Game Pass, we recommend that you read our Deep Rock Galactic review.