Battlefield 6: modern era and maps for up to 128 players?

Battlefield 6: modern era and maps for up to 128 players?
After DICE wanted to experiment with the two great wars, it looks like the Battlefield franchise is ready to make its comeback. Although the official announcement of Battlefield 6 has not yet arrived, for several months there has been mention of the arrival of the sixth iteration of the FPS saga within the next few years, with Electronic Arts also hinting at a possible launch window for the new one. chapter.

Now, according to a recent leak coming from the deep throat of Tom Henderson, well-known leaker of the Battlefield brand, it seems that the first details regarding Battlefield 6 have begun to be shed. According to Henderson, the sixth Chapter of the FPS will be a soft reboot of the franchise and, taking inspiration from Battlefield 3, will have a modern setting, moving away from the periods of World War I and II seen in the last two titles released.

Henderson says also that Battlefield 6 will be released as a cross-gen title. The leaker reassures the owners of the last generation consoles they will not hinder what is the vision of DICE towards the new iteration, given that the teams working on the game are two; one dedicated to the next-gen version and one for the old-gen. One of the features that could be missing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would be the destructibility of the surrounding environment.

In conclusion, Henderson suggests that DICE will insert maps that will be able to hold up to 128 players, even if the same leaker states that it is not said that there will be 128-player modes, given that the DICE's focus should fall on 64-player modes. Lacking official confirmation, we advise you to take Henderson's words with due attention. What do you think of these recent Battlefield 6 rumors? What are your current expectations on the next DICE FPS? Let us know yours with a comment in the dedicated section.

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